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SmartPlant Group
Urban | Vertical | Farming
Feeding City Population Sustainably 
& Efficiently

  • SmartPlant designs, builds  & operates urban vertical  farms globally to  grow & harvest beyond-bio leafy greens and vegetables year-round, enabled by its proprietary technology.

  • SmartPlant products are free of pesticides, additives or any contamination and are superior in taste, freshness & quality.

  • Transportation cost are significantly reduced, Food is produced where it is consumed.

  • Our European technology is enabling the transformation of buildings into urban farming operations, generating renewable rent for property owners.

  • SmartPlant farms are energy-, water- & waste-autonomous and independent on the weather or climate conditions. Farm operations are highly efficient, using latest BuildingTech & FarmingTech solutions as well as AI to run farms remotely.

Hanging Herbs
Fruit Market


Feeding City Population Sustainably & Efficiently

  • Big cities are facing rapid population growth rates & imminent challenges to provide healthy & fresh food without further increasing prices and costs, emissions & congesting the urban infrastructure.

  • Demand for affordable organic food is increasing as people & governments are becoming more conscious about health & nutrition.

  • SmartPlant has developed a proprietary set of technologies & continuous processes to grow & harvest pesticide-free vegetables in a controlled environment.

  • SmartPlant vertical farms’ energy consumption is 90% less than the industry average, making farm operations almost energy- & water-autonomous.

  • Production cost is 25% less than in traditional farming.

  •  SmartPlant has a measurable & sustainable impact – ecological, health & social - on the daily lives of modern urban citizens.

Market Size

Growth Potential beyond the obvious

  • Global Vertical Farming Produce 2020

    • USD 1.3 billion

  • Revenue Forecast in 2027

    • USD 6.5 billion

    • CAGR 2020-2027 | 25.7%

  • 33% of vertical farming market is currently in the US

    • Significant global growth potential

  • Organic Food Market | Global

    • 2022-2030 | CAGR 12,06%

    • 2022 | USD 200 billion

    • 2030 | USD 500 billion

  • Organic Food Market | Europe

    • USD 185 billion in 2030

    • CAGR 13,6%

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